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Costco Optometry Employee Benefits

Once each calendar year, the plan covers the following services and supplies up to the annual benefits maximum as shown on the below Summary of Vision Care Plan:

Summary of Vision Care Plan
Service or Supply Once per year benefit
Refraction eye exam Paid up to $60
Eyewear from Costco Optical Department
Eyeglasses Paid up to $150 for frames and lenses combined
Contact lenses in lieu of glasses Paid up to $150
Eyewear from Non-Costco Optical Providers (if covered)
Eyeglasses Paid up to $100
Contact lenses in lieu of glasses Paid up to $100

Note: The plan’s eyewear benefit is payable for only one purchase per year. Therefore, even if you do not use the full $150 annual benefit for that purchase, the unused balance will be forfeited.

Non-Costco Optical Providers

The plan will not cover eyewear you purchase from a non-Costco Optical provider except in either of the following cases:

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